Irshalgad Night Trek

Irshalgad is a located between Matheran and Panvel. It is a sister fort to Prabalgad. It is Pinnacle type structure. The area of the fort is not large but there are several water cisterns cut from the rock.

This trek makes you experience some of the nicest views of the area, especially that of the Morbe reservoir, Prabalgad and Matheran plateaus.

Kalsubai Night Trek

Night trek to the highest peak in Maharashtra

Towering at height of 5400ft., Kalsubai is recognized as the highest peak of Maharashtra. The ascend to the peak is a relatively easy 3 hour journey which is a test stamina and not mountaineering skills. The top gives you an absoutely stunning and uninterrupted view of the surrounding with excellent views of all the surrounding forts. The peak has a temple at the top and many people trek to visit this temple.

So are you ready to climb the Everest of Maharashtra??
Altitude: 5400 ft. Approx.

Night Trek to Garbett Point

Trek under the sparkling sky to this beautiful destination in matheran

Garbett Plateau is one of the most beautiful trek in Matheran. It offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Matheran range. This lovely spot was discovered in 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the collector of Thane district. Garbett point is located on South-west side of Matheran with a grand view of the plateau.

Altitude: 2625 ft. Approx

Sikkim Backpacking

With its unique culture and natural landscape, Sikkim is a picture of perfection and pristine purity. Explore sikkim with wandering souls and this road trip will take you on a journey through the most picturesque parts of this amazing mountain state to touch the heart.

Wander through the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim with a group of roaming spirits. Explore unspoiled natural landscapes and small towns brimming with culture and heritage.

Travel suggestions:

  • Ensure that you land/arrive into Bagdogra latest by 11 am as we will depart from the airport by 11.30 am on Day 1
  • Take a flight/train post 11.30 am on Day 8

Please Note : Booking refundable air tickets through reputable platforms like Make My Trip or Yatra Portal is indeed a wise choice, especially for flexibility in travel plans. It’s important to prioritize peace of mind, particularly in the face of potential last-minute changes or cancellations.


  • Per Person – ₹29,999/-
  • Per Person with Direct Flights (Ex-Mumbai) – ₹55,499/-

Devkund Waterfall Trek

This breathtaking waterfall is situated near Bhira Dam in the Raigad District in Maharashtra.

The Devkund waterfall is hidden amidst a forest near Kolad. The view of white water cascading down into a clear bluish green water pool is truly unmatched! There is hardly any waterfall where you would see such crystal clear bluish green water.

The Devkund waterfall trek route leads along Bhira dam backwaters and dense woods. Coincidentally, the Andharban trek ends at the starting point of this trek!

Difficulty: Moderate

Major Attractions :

  • A waterfall you wont forget
  • Trek through dense forest
  • Clear bluish green water
  • Awe inspiring views

Group discounts also available

Gokarna Backpacking – Holi Special

Gorgeous Gokarna Backpacking with Murudeshwar

Gokarna is emerging as a popular destination for travellers for its serene unspoiled beaches and spiritual yet cool vibes. This place provides the best mix of Goa and Rishikesh vibe. Combine this with visit to the world’s second tallest Shiva statue. Voila, now we have a perfect backpacking trip!

Murudeshwar is a scenic coastal town overlooking the Arabian Sea and home to the world’s second tallest Shiva statue.

We take Amazing boat journey through Honnavar backwaters.

Sprawling beaches, the bliss of nature, the tranquility of countryside areas, and the mélange of cultures attract travelers and hippies from around the world to Gokarna. We will be exploring the best of what it has to offer. We will visit Om beach, a naturally shaped like the auspicious symbol ॐ. Kudle Beach, a kilometers-long pure white sandy beach surrounded by palm trees. Paradise Beach,a secluded & hidden hippie paradise. Yana caves, gigantic crystalline-like rock formations of Yana stand proud and tall among the evergreen forests. We also take Amazing boat journey through Honnavar backwaters. Last but not the least, have a chill time!

So let’s forget all our worries and have time of our lives at Gorgeous Gokarna with Wandering Souls.

Ratangad Flower Special Trek

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Welcome to the Ratangad Flower Special Trek – Where Nature Unfolds Its Blossoming Beauty!

Nestled in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra, Ratangad is renowned not only for its historical forts and lush greenery but also for the stunning array of wildflowers that carpet its terrain during the monsoon season.

Be prepared to capture stunning photographs, make lasting memories, and connect with fellow adventurers who share your passion for nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spot today and get ready to be enchanted by Ratangad’s blooming treasures!

Altitude: 4250ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Endurance: High

Group discounts also available

Sondai Monsoon Trek

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Sondai is one of the lesser know forts around Mumbai. It was used as a watch tower and stands 6kms west of Karjat overlooking the Karjat-Chowk highway and offers a beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts and Matheran mountain range.

The name of the fort is derived from the temple of the Goddess Sondai at the top the mountain. There are 2 water cisterns at the base of the pinnacle and steps are carved out of rocks to go on the topmost point where an idol of Sondai Devi stands.

It is an easy 1-1.5 hrs hike from the base village and ideal for beginners or those who are trekking after a long time

Height: 1200 ft
Difficulty: Easy

Major Attractions 

  • Captivating views of Morbe Dam and Matheran Range
  • Sondai Devi Temple on Top
  • Ladders to reach the peak
  • Water Cisterns at the fort
  • Twin Waterfalls nearby(Seasonal)

Kaas Plateau Tour with Thosghar Waterfall

Kaas Plateau also known as the “Kaas Pathar” is situated in the Western Ghat’s Sahyadri range, 22 km from Satara city in the state of Maharashtra, India. The name Kaas originates from Kaasa tree. As the leaves of this tree mature, they turn from green to red. Recently this site was declared as “WORLD HERITAGE SITE” due to excellent biodiversity present over here. Apart from numerous varieties of wild flowers (some of which are endemic to Kaas only) this biodiversity site also shelters many insects, beautiful birds, amphibians, reptiles and some major mammalian species. Visiting this ‘heaven on earth’ is always an outstanding experience.

Please Note:  The full bloom of the flower depends on the natural factors like rain, heat, humidity and it is constantly changing. Wandering Souls is not responsible for Low or No Bloom

Nanemachi Waterfall Trek

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This breathtaking waterfall is situated near Mahad in the Raigad District in Maharashtra.

The Nanemachi Waterfall is hidden amidst a forest. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you will see in Maharashtra. A Hidden gem of the Konkan region, the waterfall is 400 feet tall and will make you fell one with nature. A relatively easy trek through a dense jungle leads us to this Mesmerizing Falls.  Words cannot describe the beauty of Nanemachi Waterfall, so join us and experience this beauty of nature

Major Attractions :

  • A waterfall you wont forget
  • Trek through Dense forest
  • Awe inspiring views

Group discounts also available