Azerbaijan Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Wandering Souls as we explore the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of Azerbaijan. Our adventure will take us from the vibrant streets of Baku, with its stunning blend of modern architecture and ancient history, to the serene beauty of Shamakhi, a town steeped in poetry and winemaking traditions. In Gabala, we’ll witness breathtaking natural scenery and engage in thrilling outdoor activities, while Sheki will offer us a glimpse into Azerbaijan’s illustrious silk road past through its exquisite palaces and bustling markets.

The mystical allure of Gobustan awaits with its ancient petroglyphs and mud volcanoes, providing a unique window into the earth’s natural and historical mysteries. And finally, our journey will take us to the snowy peaks of Shahdag, where the pristine landscapes offer the perfect backdrop for skiing, snowboarding, or simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of Azerbaijan’s winter wonderland.

With Wandering Souls, this trip is more than just a visit to Azerbaijan; it’s an immersive experience into the heart and soul of this captivating country. Together, we will create memories that last a lifetime, forging connections with the places we visit and the people we meet along the way. Join us for an Azerbaijan adventure that promises to be as diverse and dynamic as the land itself.

Travel Suggestions:

  • Ensure that you land/arrive into Baku latest by 9 am as we will depart from the airport by 10.00 am on Day 1
  • Take a flight/train post 8.00 pm on Day 7

Kashmir Backpacking

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Wandering Souls to the heart of Kashmir during the vibrant months of summer, when the valley is in full bloom and the weather is at its most inviting.

Our carefully curated trip takes you through the enchanting landscapes of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg, offering a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Experience the warmth of summer as Srinagar’s gardens burst into color, Gulmarg’s meadows turn a lush green, Pahalgam’s rivers glisten under the sun, and Sonmarg’s landscapes come alive with floral splendor.

This season provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable shikara rides on Dal Lake, and leisurely picnics amidst the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir. With Wandering Souls, you’re not just visiting Kashmir; you’re experiencing its soul during the most lively and picturesque time of the year. Join us for a summer sojourn in paradise, where each day unfolds into an enchanting story of nature’s beauty and cultural heritage.

Travel suggestions:

  • Ensure that you land/arrive at Srinagar latest by 11.30 am on Day 1

Please Note:

  • The trip is designed for individuals aged 16 to 40 years, given the dynamic nature of our itinerary. However, we offer customized journeys for travelers outside this age range.

Mystic Valleys of Kashmir Road Trip

Journey through the heart of Kashmir, a trip designed to immerse you in the unspoiled beauty and serene landscapes of one of India’s most enchanting regions. Join us as we explore the hidden gems of Kashmir: the Gurez Valley, Keran Valley, and Bangus Valley. Each of these destinations offers a unique blend of natural splendor, cultural richness, and peaceful tranquility, providing an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

Discover Gurez Valley: Nestled near the Line of Control, the Gurez Valley is a pristine paradise, known for its scenic beauty, towering peaks, and the vibrant culture of the Dard Shin people. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Gurez offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and experience the traditional Kashmiri lifestyle.

Explore Keran Valley: Located along the Neelum River, Keran Valley is a picture-perfect destination, featuring lush green meadows, crystal-clear waters, and a backdrop of majestic mountains. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone seeking a tranquil retreat in the lap of nature.

Venture into Bangus Valley: One of Kashmir’s lesser-known treasures, Bangus Valley boasts rolling grasslands, dense forests, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Its untouched beauty makes it a perfect destination for those looking to escape the tourist trail and enjoy an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

Our carefully curated trip to Kashmir is more than just a tour; it’s an experience that will touch your soul, offering peace, adventure, and a chance to connect with the natural world in one of its most beautiful forms. Whether you’re seeking solitude, adventure, or just a break from your daily routine, Kashmir’s valleys await to enchant you with their timeless beauty. Join us for an unforgettable journey and let the magic of Kashmir captivate your heart.

Flamingo Boat Ride

Thane Creek stands out as a hidden gem for birdwatching enthusiasts. Embarking on a Flamingo boat ride along the creek offers a unique opportunity to witness an abundance of birdlife, including both Lesser and Greater Flamingos. In addition, visitors have the chance to see a variety of other avian species such as Avocets, Northern Shovelers, Grey Herons, Egrets, Plovers, Sandpipers, Black-headed Ibises, among others, making it a memorable experience for all nature lovers.

Trip duration: Around 1.5 hours (Including 1 hour Boat ride)

Meeting Point: Jetty point near Bhandup Pumping Station (Exact google location will be shared)

Flamingo Boat Ride Batches:

  • 6th April – 6.30am | 7.30am
  • 7th April – 6.30am | 7.30am (6 Seats Left)
  • 9th April – 8.00am
  • 13th April – 3.30pm
  • 14th April – 4.00pm
  • 17th April – 6.30am | 7.30am | 4.30pm
  • 20th April – 6.30am | 7.30am
  • 21st April – 6.30am | 7.30am
  • 27th April – 3.00pm
  • 28th April – 3.30pm

Important Details

  • There are 12-seater boats (10 seats in shade)
  • There is a basic public washroom near the ticket counter but no washroom facility near the jetty.
  • Due to ongoing maintenance work on the approach road for almost a km hence some extra time should be kept for reaching.
  • Parking is available near the jetty point on the road.
  • Senior citizens with less mobility can find it a bit inconvenient to board the boat due to bamboo jetty. (Can share pics to give you an idea about this)
  • Finding an Ola/ uber or auto while returning from jetty is not feasible so either u have to walk back or keep your cab waiting till boat ride gets over.

Bhairavgad Moroshi Trek

Embark on a journey like no other with the Bhairavgad Moroshi Trek, an exhilarating escapade nestled in the rugged terrains of Maharashtra. Renowned for its distinctive rock formations and breathtaking natural beauty, Bhairavgad Moroshi stands as a beacon for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Join us as we explore the hidden wonders of Bhairavgad Moroshi, where every step is an adventure and every vista a masterpiece of nature’s artistry. Your adventure awaits—dare to discover!

Difficulty – High
Endurance – High

Kalavantin Durg Night Trek

Kalavantin Fort built at the peak of a rocky plateau is situated between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra, at a height of 2,300 feet in the Western Ghats. The fort top commands an excellent view of the surroundings with Prabal in the front. Kalavantin Fort is an adjoining hill (pinnacle) to Prabalgad.

Major Attractions :

  • Steep mountain with rock-cut steps
  • Thrilling rock patch to reach the peak
  • Mesmerizing landscapes

Holi Special Camping – Karjat

This Holi, immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of joy and community at our exclusive Holi special camping event. Nestled in the heart of nature, our event promises an unforgettable experience blending the traditional celebration of Holi with the thrilling adventure of camping under the stars.

Holi is not just a festival; it’s a feeling that brings people together, erasing all differences. Join us with your friends and family for a Holi celebration like no other, where colors blend not just on your faces but in your hearts, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Secure Your Spot!

Spaces are limited, and the colors of Holi wait for no one. Book your tickets now and ensure your place in this carnival of joy, friendship, and unforgettable adventure.

Check in: 4PM
Check out: 3PM
How to Reach Campsite:
  • You can bring your own car to the campsite. Campsite location will be shared on mail and on WhatsApp group 1-2 days before the event.
  • You can come by train till Karjat and get an auto from the station. It would cost around 250-400 per auto/eco van one side. It can accommodate 3-6 people

Kedarkantha Winter Trek

The adventure of the Kedarkantha trek commences from the base village of Sankri, positioned at an altitude of 6,000 feet. As trekkers ascend to 12,500 feet, they traverse through captivating oak forests, frozen lakes, and snowy trails, particularly during the winter season.

This trek provides a continuous visual feast, showcasing awe-inspiring panoramic views of snow-capped mountain peaks. It encompasses diverse landscapes, including dense oak and pine forests, expansive meadows, tranquil lakes, charming campsites, and magnificent vistas of the Himalayan peaks. Striking an ideal balance between challenge, excitement, and the chance to bask in stunning scenery, the Kedarkantha trek unfolds as a mesmerizing winter wonderland in the heart of the Himalayas, nestled within Uttarakhand, India.

This extraordinary journey reveals the breathtaking grandeur of the snow-covered Himalayan range. Spanning approximately 20 kilometers, the trek unfolds over five days, offering an enchanting blend of adventure and picturesque beauty.

Great Rann of Kutch & Dholavira Trip New Year

Book before 10th Dec to avail EarlyBird Offer. Use Code “EARLYBIRD”.

Step into the New Year with an extraordinary adventure amidst the surreal landscapes of the Rann of Kutch and the ancient wonders of Dholavira. Our specially curated New Year’s trip invites you to embrace the magic of this unique region, where cultural vibrancy, natural beauty, and historical intrigue converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Join us on a journey that promises not just a celebration, but a blend of festivities, exploration, and cultural immersion.


  • White Salt Desert: The most iconic feature of the Rann of Kutch is its vast, pristine salt desert, which seems to stretch endlessly to the horizon.
  • Rann Utsav: This vibrant festival showcases the rich culture and traditions of Kutch with folk music and dance performances, camel safaris, traditional craft exhibitions, and more.
  • Sunset at the White Rann: Witnessing the sun setting over the white desert, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink, is a magical experience.
  • Traditional Villages: Explore the charming villages of Kutch, each with its own distinctive culture and craftsmanship.
  • Kalo Dungar (Black Hill): Climb to the top of Kala Dungar, the highest point in Kutch, for panoramic views of the Rann.
  • Dholavira Archaeological Site Expedition: Journey to Dholavira, exploring the well-preserved remnants of the ancient Harappan civilization. Marvel at the unique city planning and architectural brilliance of Dholavira’s archaeological site.
  • Scenic Drives and Landscapes: Traverse scenic routes between destinations, with landscapes transitioning from the vast salt flats of the Rann to the historical sites of Dholavira. This route is also known as the Road to Heaven

Bandra Heritage Walk

Step into the timeless charm of Bandra, a neighborhood in Mumbai celebrated today for its shopping districts, the allure of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, and the breathtaking Sea-link bridge. Yet, beneath the veneer of modernity lies a hidden tapestry of history and culture, steeped in centuries-old Christian traditions and the enduring influence of Goan heritage.

Bandra’s quaint Goathans, such as Ranwar and Chimbai, are living vestiges of its storied past, while its historic churches are repositories of captivating narratives waiting to be discovered. Join us on this immersive heritage walk as we meander through Bandra’s picturesque villages even uncover the remnants of an administrative fort. To make this journey even more delightful, we’ll also savor the flavors of the region, sampling scrumptious delicacies from the famous A1 Bakery.

Bandra’s heritage is a testament to Mumbai’s rich history, and this walk is your key to unlock its secrets, leaving you with a deeper appreciation of the neighborhood’s cultural and historical significance. Let’s embark on a voyage through time as we explore the enchanting stories that define Bandra’s unique character.