Visapur Trek Lonavala

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Embark on an unforgettable journey into the rugged beauty of the Western Ghats with the Visapur Trek. Located in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra, India, Visapur is a captivating hill fort that offers both adventure and history enthusiasts an incredible experience. As you ascend through lush forests, rocky terrains, and ancient ruins, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a novice explorer, Visapur Trek promises a thrilling escapade into nature’s splendor and the remnants of a rich past.

Madap Waterfall Trek

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Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through lush greenery, gushing streams, and breathtaking landscapes. This trek is your gateway to discovering the gem that is Madap Waterfall, nestled in the heart of nature’s bounty.

Madap Waterfall, located in the picturesque region of Raigad, is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its pristine beauty and surroundings, this trek offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe.

As you venture along the trail, you’ll be mesmerized by the rhythmic symphony of gushing waters and the refreshing mist that rejuvenates your senses. The trek to Madap Waterfall takes you through dense forests, and meandering streams, providing an immersive experience that allows you to reconnect with nature.

Let the serenity of nature wash over you, as you forge a deep connection with the great outdoors. Lace up your boots, pack your backpack, and let the adventure begin!

Harishchandragad Monsoon Trek

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Harishchandragad is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of India. It is known for its scenic beauty and charm. The fort is quite ancient. Remnants of microlithic man have also been discovered here. Its origin is said to have been in the 6th century, during the rule of Kalachuri dynasty.

4650 ft. Approx.
Diffiulty: Moderate

Major Attractions:

Kedareshwar Cave – There is the huge cave of Kedareshwar in which there is a big Shiva Linga, which is completely surrounded by water. Its height from the base is five feet, and the water is waist-deep. here are sculptures carved out in the cave. In the monsoon it is not possible to reach this cave, as a huge stream flows across the way.

KokanKada –
This cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan. It provides views of the surrounding region.Caves of Harishchandragad – These caves are spread out all over the fort. Many of these are situated at the foot of Taramati peak and are the place of accommodation. A few are near the temple, whereas some are near the citadel and some far away in the forests
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Sagargad Monsoon Trek

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Sagargad Fort is located in Alibag taluka of Raigad District. The path to the fort starts from Khandale village on Alibag-Pen Road.

Very less is known about this fort. King Shivaji Maharaj won this fort from Adilshah in 1660 A.D.Sagargad was one of the 23 forts which were handed over to Moghuls in the Treaty of Purandar

This hill fort commands a steering view of the entire Alibaug region with mountains on one side and the Arabian sea on the other, so pack your bags and head on out for a fun trek!

Altitude: 1357 ft. Approx
Difficulty: Moderate

Major Attractions :

  • Views of Entire Alibaug Region
  • Siddheswar Temple on the top
  • Brimming waterfalls
  • Vanartok Pinnacle
  • Water Cisterns at the fort

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Naneghat Monsoon Trek

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Nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri Mountain range in Maharashtra, Naneghat, also referred to as Nanaghat or Nana Ghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range between the Konkan coast and the ancient town of Junnar in the Deccan plateau.

During the reign of the Satavahana, the pass was used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. The name Nane means “coin” and ghat means “pass”. The place was used as a booth to collect toll from traders crossing the hills, from which it is believed that it has got the identity as NaneGhat.

Naneghat pass stretches over the Western Ghats, through an ancient stone laid hiking trail to the Naneghat plateau.

Altitude: 2600ft
Difficulty: Moderate

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Andharban Monsoon Trek

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Andharban Trek is one of the most beautiful & fascinating monsoon trek. We will be passing through dense forest walking on the valley edges running parallel to the famous Tamhini ghat. Evergreen forest covers you with shade throughout the trek.  The same valley where is the origin of the Kundalika river famous for its white water river rafting.

Difficulty: Moderate

Major Attractions:

  • Trek through a dense Jungle
  • Numerous Streams
  • Mesmerizing landscapes

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Monsoon Trek to Prabalgad

Prabalgad (also known as Muranjan, Pradhangad or Prabalmachi) is located between Matheran and Panvel and comes under the Raigad District in the state of Maharashtra, India.The Prabalgad Fort stands at an elevation of 2300 feet in the Western Ghats. The fort has a Ganesh temple and some unidentified stone ruins. Right next to Prabalgad to its north, lies the steep Kalavantin fort.

Height : 2300ft

Major Attractions :

  • Bird’s eye view of Kalavantin Peak
  • Amazing view of Matheran Range
  • Mesmerizing landscapes

Velas Turtle Festival

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Velas a coastal village which falls in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The place is well known for its beaches. Besides Velas beach, here are several other tourist attractions at Velas including the Bankot Fort and the Harihareshwar Temple

Turtle Festival:
Velas has been attracting nature lovers and travellers more for its Velas turtle festival, Maharashtra than anything else. Hundreds of Olive Ridley Turtles, one of the most treasured species of marine turtles, come ashore at Velas beach for breeding and lay hundreds of eggs

Devkund Waterfall Trek

This breathtaking waterfall is situated near Bhira Dam in the Raigad District in Maharashtra.

The Devkund waterfall is hidden amidst a forest near Kolad. The view of white water cascading down into a clear bluish green water pool is truly unmatched! There is hardly any waterfall where you would see such crystal clear bluish green water.

The Devkund waterfall trek route leads along Bhira dam backwaters and dense woods. Coincidentally, the Andharban trek ends at the starting point of this trek!

Difficulty: Moderate

Major Attractions :

  • A waterfall you wont forget
  • Trek through dense forest
  • Clear bluish green water
  • Awe inspiring views

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Ratangad Monsoon Trek

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Ratangad Trek is a hill fort near Ratan Wadi. Overlooking one of the oldest artificial catchment areas. The fort is about 2000 years old. Ratangad has a natural rock peak with a cavity in it at the top which is called Nedhe or Eye of the Needle. Ratangad was captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was one of his favorites. The base village Ratanwadi has an Amruteshwar temple which is famous for its carvings. The fort is origin for the river Pravara/Amrutvahini.

Altitude: 4250ft
Difficulty: Moderate
Endurance: High

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